Customer case study – Total Diet Food

Ben Davidson, Managing Director and part owner with wife Maria. was formed at the end of 2011. For the first year it was really all about creating a website, tasting and testing all the recipes and the myriad of other things we didn’t know that we didn’t know. It really started to trade at the end of 2012 and became full time for us both only in January 2013.

We were inspired to set the business up from my personal experience of working in the West End of London and gaining weight. I found it incredibly difficult to find quick and easy healthy food. Ofte I was running between meetings and the only options were carb heavy high street sandwiches.

Why we chose Paymentsense

We use the e-commerce service to send invoice links out to customers. This is really flexible and our clients are often very busy people. This service means that they can pay at a time to suit them.

We also take payments over the phone through a virtual terminal, this is easy to use and a sensibly priced service.

The payment link system is something I don’t think many companies utilise for consumers but I find it really works for our customers. They can complete the payment when it suits them and allows them to feel more in control.

Their understanding and experience in the industry really helped. I had spoken to other providers that didn’t seem to understand what we required, Payment Sense understood straight away, offered a competitive price and made set up easy.

It was really straight forward, the consultant made an effort to complete the forms with the basic information so I didn’t have to write out our address repeatedly and signing etc was all done online. We were up and running within a few days.