Customer case study – Noodoll

YiYing Wang, owner of company.

Established in 2000, Noodoll consists of lovable plush toys, gadget holders, stationery and design-led gifts. Based around a cast of friendly monsters and quirky characters, the world of Noodoll has captured the imagination of both adults and children alike. These fun, design-led products are made with honest quality, functional design and manufactured responsibly with the environment in mind.

Why we chose Paymentsense

When shopping for an e-commerce provider, I was fairly informed of what I needed to look for. We had been taking card payments since 2010 but I was shopping for a different provider who could cater to the ever growing demand of our business.

I needed a service that was quick and easy to set up, competitively priced with someone I could physically speak with if there were any issues. I found Paymentsense covered everything I was looking for, especially as they were reasonable in price and made the process of setting up simple to understand. They also have great customer service and tech support. Gemma Eaton and her team are always on hand if anything is required or questions need answering. It’s nice to have that support.

The package we have with Paymentsense has allowed us to expand our business and provide for a larger customer base, something we couldn’t do before set up. It has enabled us to take a variety of card payments online and we always have a very clear statement that is broken down each month. We have found ecommerce so valuable, it has changed the way we conduct business. We’re very happy with Paymentsense and so far, no complaints!