66% of emails are opened on mobile devices

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It has widely been acknowledged that email marketing is a key way of driving traffic to your website and it is not uncommon for companies to purchase contact details to expand their mailing lists.

While sending out batch after batch of unsolicited emails to people who have never shown an interest in your business is unlikely to prove a successful tactic, the are obvious benefits to keeping your audience informed about your products and services.

However, a new infographic from HubShout has highlighted a series of recent developments in the area and thrown up quite a few points retailers will need to consider when contacting consumers in this manner.

The most striking finding presented is from Movable Ink’s 2014 US Consumer Device Preference Report, which showed 66 per cent of all emails received within the country are now opened on a mobile device.

Of these, 47 per cent were displayed on a smartphone, 19 per cent on a tablet and just 34 per cent on a PC or laptop. This means businesses now need to consider how they are formatting and presenting the information they send to customers.

After all, the screen sizes on smartphones and tablets are much smaller than we have traditionally been used to when displaying emails, so it is important to be sure the messages are readable on a small screen and any images included are scalable to cope with the varying displays they will be opened on.

The infographic also highlights the fact Apple devices are favoured by 54 per cent of US consumers when opening emails, while 11 per cent of messages are accessed on Android tablets or smartphones.

This is something that is worth considering if you are planning on producing a dedicated mobile application for your business. It may be possible to directly link from emails to these programs if they have been installed on the device.

Apple has also famously refused to embrace flash, so if you are planning to include links to any content of this type, bear in mind more than half of consumers may not be able to display it on their chosen device.


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